April 21, 2011

Join Me at the 2011 National Latino Writers Conference!

This truly is one of my favorite writers conferences. If you are a Latino writer and only attend one conference this year, I would suggest that this one should be it! I do hope I get to meet some of my readers there if you can make it. I will be participating on a panel and critiquing participants' work one on one. There are editors in attendance as well, so this conference represents a wonderful opportunity for those starting out to get some face to face time with folks in the industry. And the environment is friendly and supportive to boot! Registration is open for just a little while longer, so if interested, click on the image below and follow the instructions therein. See you in New Mexico! —Adriana

Note: Missing from the poster's list of editors is Selina McLemore from Grand Central Publishing. She was added later, and I do not have that version of the poster in the necessary format. But now you know!